Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown

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2 November, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Betway was a really decent online platform for sports gambling in Kenya. You could effortlessly bet on various sports and casino games using this platform. The best thing is that Betway offers a secure platform you can rely on for all your gambling requirements. You could have a fantastic time betting with Betway on all your favorite sports, including virtual ones. 

Unfortunately, in May 2023, the business declared it would stop its operations in Kenya. We strongly hope that Betway will reconsider shortly and that this decision is temporary. 

Although the company’s justification for leaving the market may not be entirely obvious, the Kenyan government’s increased taxation policies may have forced the brand to reconsider, leading to the decision to cease operations in the country.

Why Betway Stopped Its Operations in Kenya?

why-betway-stopped-its-operations-in-kenya_ Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown

The decision is a shattering blow to Kenyan sports gambling, as the country has a population of over 53 million English speakers and a passion for sports betting, particularly on European football. The news is a little surprising considering how long media sources have hailed Kenya as the new “empire of sports betting.” All partners and affiliates advertising the brand through blogs, tipping websites, and social media were also informed to stop doing so since the company had already ceased operations in Kenya. Customers have been advised to contact the company’s support department with questions. The updates were as follows:

  • No deposits are permitted on the website.
  • Players can only examine their accounts and request cashouts; wagers on sporting events will not be permitted.
  • Registration has ended.

I Cannot Use My Account on Betway: Next Steps

cannot-use-my-account-on-betway-next-steps Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown

Since the bookie has stopped all operations in Kenya, personal accounts are not operational. So, what is the plan?

No Longer Active in Kenya
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What Happens to My Account?

Your account is no longer operational. We suggest that you find another bookie in Kenya. We share some tips on how to find a decent bookmaker in the sections below.

Can I Withdraw Funds From My Account?

Yes, the bookmaker must allow you to withdraw your funds to your preferred withdrawal option. If your funds were not transferred automatically, contact Betway customer care to inquire about the transaction. You can contact the bookie via its main email address

Is Betway Still Operating in Other Countries?

is-betway-still-operating-in-other-countries Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown

Yes! Betway is allegedly still operating in the following nations in the African region:

  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • Malawi

The bookie is also available in some European countries and some states in the U.S.

Alternative Options for Betting in Kenya

alternative-options-for-betting-in-kenya Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown

The closing of the bookmaker is undoubtedly a hardship for its devoted customers, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to locate a top-tier betting site. This shouldn’t be an issue because Kenya’s internet betting market is booming. Below, we will provide you with excellent options. If you prefer to avoid our choices, you can search through the many Kenyan betting sites until you find the ideal bookmaker.


Go to 1xBet
Start Betting

This bookmaker has been around for over 15 years and is Kenya’s most popular gambling establishment. 1xBet is one of the most famous and cutting-edge bookies in the entire world. So, if you enjoy placing bets on Betway, 1xBet will not disappoint you. If you check out this bookmaker, you will find a respectable selection of athletic events and occasionally non-sporting ones, such as wagers on the results of international elections or Taylor Swift’s potential next boyfriend. The wide range of sports and eSports disciplines are complemented by betting markets. You will get to experience the most cutting-edge mobile applications with 1xBet, offered for free on Android and Apple devices. 


Go to Betwinner
Start Betting

This bookmaker is renowned for its excellent customer service and uncomplicated layout. You can start gambling and hone your wagering abilities in the ideal setting. Unsurprisingly, a significant part of players choose to wager on football as their favorite sport at Betwinner. Other well-liked sports for wagering include curling, cycling, baseball, golf, tennis, basketball, and ski jumping. In other words, after you create a Betwinner account, you can bet on any sport you want. The website offers various markets and bet types, including singles, accumulators, and chain bets. The odds are not too bad, and it is a pleasant surprise to discover how comprehensively sporting events are covered. Because the process is so easy, even a total novice can simply place a wager on Betwinner.


Go to Melbet
Start Betting

Some Kenyans may not be familiar with Melbet because the company only recently joined the local sports betting industry. Despite that, this online gambling platform already has a sizable fan base. Because it offers a high degree of security, a wide selection of games and sporting events, easy payment methods, and helpful service, Melbet holds the top spots in the ranking of the best bookmakers in Africa. Here, everything appears to be perfect. We may, therefore, suggest Melbet as a Betway substitute based on our findings and feedback from other bettors.


Go to Betika
Start Betting

One of the most popular betting locations in Kenya, Betika is regarded as one of the best betting websites in the nation. Gamblers may access a substantial betting market thanks to the platform’s coverage of numerous football contests throughout the world, as would be expected from a sportsbook that focuses exclusively on sports betting. Betika has the best offers for both new and devoted consumers. Potential bettors are drawn to the betting platform because of live betting and cash-out features. In addition to these, gamblers can choose from a variety of other equally entertaining casino games. Betika invites you to sign up for the platform if you appreciate playing online casino games. It has a sizable selection of eSports and video slot games. The bookmaker also has a customer care department available round-the-clock to answer any questions you may have.


Go to OdiBets
Start Betting

OdiBets is not the most popular bookie in Kenya. This platform, however, can pleasantly surprise you with its features and provide a top-notch gambling experience. OdiBets is a very solid bookmaker, even if it is not the most well-known in Kenya. The enterprise has been in business for almost five years and has developed its own betting philosophy and style. Other Kenyan bookmakers do not offer the exclusive promotions that OdiBets provides. The abundance of extra services, freebies, and betting markets makes up for the seeming scarcity of sports options. OdiBets’ integration of its payment systems with Safaricom mobile money ensures a safe and secure payment mechanism. The fact that the bookmaker has a valid license to provide betting services in Kenya proves its legitimacy.

How to Choose Your Best Bookmaker

how-to-choose-your-best-bookmaker Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown

You should consider several factors while choosing your ideal betting location. Some examples of these features include the user interface, customer service, odds quality, and the quantity and quality of the products offered. Examining these factors allows you to select the bookmaker that best fits you and your betting preferences. With so many names and deals being offered, it can be bewildering to find your perfect bookmaker. 

We encourage you to compare a few bookmakers before choosing one because most of them have an advantage over competitors. 

  • Reputation. Never contemplate using a bookmaker with a shady reputation. Anyone may examine a potential gambling location in greater detail thanks to the millions of reviews that have been posted online. Remember that some businesses may pay for favorable comments or reviews even if the product or service is mediocre. Rely on trustworthy sources only. 
  • Legitimacy. This factor is super important since it ensures the security of your bank cards and personal information. Having a license also implies that even if the business decides to close, it will be required to pay out all the funds for each and every single punter.
  • Extra perks. Even if a company has a solid reputation, that does not imply it should be taken into consideration if the platform is utterly outdated. Additionally, it is much better to choose a generous firm with unique and huge benefits that will help you improve your chances of winning and give you access to certain premium tools.

These are just a couple of important aspects to consider while selecting a bookmaker.

2-1xbet Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown 20,000 KES Yes Yes Link
betwinner_100x50 Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown 15,000 KES Yes Yes Link
melbet_100x50 Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown 26,280 KES Yes Yes Link
betika_100x50 Betway Kenya Closed: Alternatives After Shutdown No Yes Yes Link


Since Betway made no public announcement and promptly vanished into obscurity, we can’t be sure it will return. Fortunately, Kenya has many cutting-edge, safe sports betting and gambling websites with excellent customer service and a wide range of wagering options. When creating the top-five list, we considered several variables, including the variety of sports offered, betting markets, and supplemental services. You’ll undoubtedly find the perfect match if you browse our selections, whether you’re looking for a spot to start over or a bookmaker to replace an existing one.


What are the alternative sites to Betway?
Betting on sporting events online is a popular pastime for many Kenyan gamblers. The gaming industry has grown considerably over the past 10 years. As a result, we think some advice on the top Kenyan bookmakers will come in handy. Of course, many of you are familiar with well-known betting spots like Betika, 1xBet, Betwinner, and Melbet. We recommend them as great alternatives to Betway.
Why is Betway closing its business in Kenya?
With all the applicable taxes, we can only assume that the main hurdle for a bookmaking business is raising enough money to stay viable. With few bettors and steadily rising withdrawals, it can occasionally be hard to exist in this challenging industry.
Who owns Betway Kenya?
Betway is owned by Super Group.

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