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2 September, 2023 (UPDATE 17 April, 2024)
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Betway is no longer active in Kenya
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Due to Kenyan sports fans’ active participation in betting activities over the past few years, there are now many more local casinos and sports betting organizations. One company that has gained the attention and unique appreciation of local gamers is Betway since it is both tremendously convenient and entertaining. Bettors always appreciate special promotions and rewards, and betting companies know that. That’s why Betway has integrated a sizable amount of bonuses and promotional offers into its services, much like almost every other online sportsbook. These offers permit members to spice up their betting experiences and diversify their ways of wagering. Today, we’ll learn about them and examine their key traits in our brand-new Betway Bonuses article. Let’s go!

As of the 8th of August 2023, Betway is sadly no longer operational in the country. We have high hopes that this is only temporary and the company will return to Kenya in the near future.

What Are Bonuses and How Do They Work

What Are Betway Bonuses and How Do They Work

Bonuses offered by sports betting sites are rewards that may be used to perform betting activities on the platform. Usually, bonuses are offered to customers as free bets or cash that may be utilized on the platform; however, this cash cannot be used as the bettor wishes. Some particular rules should be respected to take out the obtained money later correctly. Sometimes, members might be given a free wager from the sportsbook they registered with, equal to the first deposit made on the platform. This kind of promo is called the “Welcome bonus” or “Welcome offer,” the most popular offer that may be found on the sports betting market.

Sports Betting Bonuses

Betway Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting bonuses are a form of promo that can be applied to wagering on sports. They may take numerous forms, but they are all highly distinctive since they offer diverse benefits. Free bets that may be spent on any type of sports betting activity on the website are an essential feature of sports bonuses. These free bets are typically utilized to place wagers and are promptly credited to the member’s Betway balance after the bonus has been successfully obtained.

Casino Bonuses

Betway Casino Bonuses

Betway provides its users with casino games and sports betting services. The Kenyan Betway Casino, which is meant to be open and has a legal license, is no longer visible on the bookmaker’s website, and hopefully, this will soon be fixed. After that, there are, unfortunately, no casino bonuses accessible on the platform. 

Welcome Bonus

Betway Welcome Bonus

The Betway welcome bonus is unquestionably the most well-liked promotional offer on the website, as previously said. While registering on the Betway platform, Kenyan bettors may receive a fascinating surprise that is well worth registering for! Members can use this promotion to receive up to Ksh 5,000 in free bets and 50% of their initial platform deposit. The guidelines are relatively straightforward: sign up for an account on Betway, deposit some money, and place bets with odds of at least three to match your initial deposit. Your reward will be sent to your individual account as soon as all the requirements are satisfied. The reward obtained from this promo can be used to place bets on the site or participate in any gambling activity. 

Beware that the Welcome Bonus cannot be withdrawn before being used on the site. Participate in sports betting activities, earn cash, and take out the money you win!


What are the main features of the welcome offer? Let’s have a look at its main factors.

Opportunity to receive up to 5,000 Ksh in free bets.50% out of the first deposit on the platform.Automatic transfer of rewards directly on Betway balance.

How to Obtain

New platform users are the only ones who may profit from the Welcome offer. To be eligible for this program, you must first register for an account and make a deposit into it. The Betway welcome offer cannot be acquired without making a deposit, and this also applies to users who have previously registered on the site.

To clarify our explanation, we created a quick guide, so check it out!

  1. Navigate to the Official Betway Site. Create an account on the platform. Be sure to provide accurate information.
  2. Fund Account. When done with registering, navigate to your profile. Tap on “Deposit.” Enter the sum you wish to invest and confirm. 
  3. Accomplish the Procedure. Wait for your reward to be transferred to your balance.

What to Avoid

There aren’t specific moments that should be avoided regarding the welcome offer; on the contrary, we may recommend that you familiarize yourself with the bonus terms and conditions before trying to obtain it. Some rules should certainly be taken into account.

Remember that receiving the welcome offer prize isn’t possible without first investing your funds on the platform. Also, placing bets with odds of at least three is necessary to receive your welcome bonus cash.

Boost Your Multi Bet Winnings by up to 700%

Boost Your Betway Multi Bet Winnings by up to 700

This promotional offer is surely exciting; however, it applies only to bettors who prefer to use Multiple Bets. Clients can increase their Multi-Bet earnings by up to 700% with this promotion. Each leg with odds of 1.2 or higher that is added to a Multi Bet slip will increase profits. Moreover, the boost increases with the number of legs added.


Even if this offer seems simple, it still has its characteristics. We gathered all the bonus features in a short list; let’s look. 

  • Usable mainly with Multiple Bets
  • Increases Multi Bet cash up to 700%
  • Leg with odds of 1.2 or higher permits to earn more
  • Chance to win more cash is increased as a leg is added

How to Obtain

Members are not required to perform any specific or complicated procedure to receive this bonus. Adding five or more legs with odds of at least 1.2 per selection is necessary to obtain the Boost bonus. The more legs you provide, the greater the prize. Besides, it is not possible to profit from the offer on single bets, outright wagers, or wagers placed on tournaments.

What to Avoid

We may recommend you avoid violating the offer terms and conditions because the company is rigorous regarding cheating. For this reason, Betway reserves the right to check any customer activity for fraud or suspicious ways of playing. Any behavior resembling fraud is forbidden and could lead to an automatic account block or restrict the user from participating in any promotion. 

Get in on the Latest Promos

Get in on the Latest Betway Promos

The terms of this special offer are not challenging to comprehend and are pretty straightforward. By selecting the “OPT-IN” option next to ongoing promotional offers, members may be eligible for greater winnings, money back on losses, cash prize drawings, and other benefits. Members should just follow the instructions given in order to participate.


The characteristics of this option are pretty straightforward. It isn’t a very special or limited offer but rather an invitation to participate in the multiple promotional programs accessible on the platform. This promo permits members to participate in bonus activities on the site and increase their chances of winning exclusive prizes.

How to Obtain

In order to obtain this bonus, members may simply locate the promotional offer that pleases them the most and click on the “OPT-IN” button right next to it. From now on, the member can participate in new bonus programs and offers.

What to Avoid

We can’t assume that there are specific points that should be avoided regarding this promotion; we may just recommend that you carefully read its terms and conditions and don’t try to be part of any kind of fraud activity. It could cost you your account.


Betway Conditions

As with every sports betting organization, Betway has its guidelines that regulate the behavior of its customers. These guidelines are called “Terms and Conditions” and can be found on the organization’s official website. These terms universally apply to all site users and facilitate regulating members’ behavior. Due to the length of this rule list, we have selected some key elements of the bonus topic. Let’s look at them now!

Bonus Withdrawal 

Each member should be aware that they must first engage in some kind of activity with their bonus funds in order to withdraw them from their Betway profile. You must wager the bonus amount six times to withdraw a bonus and any associated winnings. Please read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully and confirm that you have complied with all requirements before requesting to withdraw the bonus and your winnings.

Wagering Requirements

All bonuses on the site are subject to the same set of regulations known as wagering requirements. Unless otherwise specified, these rules state that the member’s bonus and related rewards must be wagered at least six times; otherwise, this cash will always remain a bonus and cannot be withdrawn. If you wish to learn more about concrete promos and their wagering requirements, we recommend you visit the Betway official site.

Bonus Combination

Many players aim to win as much as possible by utilizing various techniques and methods. Some bettors attempt to combine bonuses; however, not all bookmakers support this strategy. Combining bonuses is impossible unless the Betway administration does so for a particular member. They can only do this if all of the rewards are going into one account. You may always get in touch with the Betway support staff to get any type of bonus combination information clarified.

Does Betway Have a No Deposit Bonus for Kenya?

Unfortunately, to participate in a promotional offer of any kind, it will be necessary for you to register on the site and make a first deposit. There is no possibility to profit from bonuses without investing funds first at the moment. 


To sum up, we can say that Betway is an impeccable company that provides a decent amount of bonus offers. Unfortunately, the organization doesn’t have a vast array of those currently and doesn’t also provide casino promotions since its casino services are suspended. On the other hand, it doesn’t stop Betway from providing attractive promotional offers that are very profitable and may diversify its members’ betting experiences. We particularly appreciated the welcome bonus, which was the most intriguing and beneficial offer. We would enjoy seeing new promotions on the platform since the Betway company offers excellent betting services and a convenient online experience. For more information, check our Betway Kenya review In this article, we reviewed the bonus options on the Betway site and managed to gather most of the information possible. However, always check the FAQ below if you still have questions.


How fast does Betway pay?
All deposits on the platform are handled quickly; however, withdrawals may take three to twenty-four hours.
Can you use Betway without a bank account?
Without a bank account, you will be unable to invest funds and take out your winnings.
How much is Betway worth?
The organization is currently valued at $4.75 billion.
Some sportsbooks have a promo code option, does Betway have one?
You may learn more about promo codes by reading our article about the Betway promo code.
Which country is Betway from?
The headquarters of the Betway Group is in Malta.
Who is the owner of Betway?
Anthony Werkman is an entrepreneur who was born and educated in South Africa.
I want to return my money. What should I do?
If you are interested in returning your cash, then we may recommend that you read our article concerning how to get money back on Betway.

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