Betway Predictions: Get Winning Tips Now!

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7 September, 2023 (UPDATE 16 May, 2024)
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Betting on sports may be an exhilarating and thrilling way to increase the excitement of your favorite games and earn some extra money. But it might be challenging to know where to begin. One of the places you can start is the Betway sports betting platform, a well-liked and one of the most popular betting platforms in Kenya. Therefore, we want to give this in-depth guide to assist you in getting the most out of your sports betting experience. You’ll understand everything you need to know to improve your chances of winning, regardless of whether you’re an experienced bettor or a beginner in the world of sports betting.

As of the 8th of August 2023, the company has stopped its operations in Kenya altogether. We hope that this is only temporary and that Betway will make its comeback sometime soon.

Tips & Predictions for Sports

tips-predictions-for-sports Betway Predictions: Get Winning Tips Now!

We recognize that various sports fans have different preferences. For this reason, we provide predictions for various sports, including cricket, rugby, and football. Whatever your favorite sport is, we’ll give you advice and assist you in placing wise bets. Also, if you don’t know on Betway how to bet, you can check our article.

Football Betting Tips & Predictions

So, let’s start with betting on football. Why? Because football ranks as one of the most popular sports on the planet. And if you enjoy placing bets on football games because you’re a fan, we will give you advice on how to increase your chances of betting accurately. Here are some suggestions you should keep in mind while placing bets:

  • Research
    Injuries, suspensions, and other personnel changes can significantly affect a football game’s outcome. To make sure that your predictions are accurate, keep an eye on the most recent news. In addition, you can find the news on some football publics.
  • Statistics and Patterns
    Pay attention to key performance indicators, including possession, shots on goal, and goals scored. In addition, look for patterns in how every team performs, such as a tendency to score, the difference between halves (for instance, here, want to mention FC Real Madrid, they are playing the second half better than the first), or a weakness against certain opponents.
  • Head-to-Head Records
    Another helpful prediction pattern of what might occur in the current game is how these teams have performed in previous matches.
  • Understand Wagers
    The Betway sportsbook offers various wagers on football events, including double chance wagers, the first goal scorer, and the final score. In addition, some markets and bet types will help you increase your chances or payout amount.
Betway is no longer active in Kenya
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Rugby Betting Tips & Predictions

The following type of sports wager is rugby betting, which is extremely popular. Betway allows punters to place wagers on the Match Winner and Handicap bets by providing numerous betting markets and competitive odds on various rugby matches. In addition to these options, long-term wagers on rugby can be placed on things like the outcome of a tournament or the top try scorer of a competition.

So, one more time, rugby betting requires an in-depth understanding of the game. Read carefully and keep in mind every point:

  • Odds
    Look for the most competitive odds before deciding on an event to bet on in order to get a substantial payout. The sportsbook often presents very profitable odds for rugby events.
  • Managing Your Bankroll
    Effective bankroll management is one of the most essential elements of any type of betting. This involves setting aside a certain sum of money for betting and using that amount strictly for bets. To prevent overspending and control your gambling tendencies, it’s crucial to set betting limits. In addition, you may boost your payouts and chances without draining your account by taking advantage of sportsbook promotions and bonuses.
  • Not Understanding the Sport
    One of the punters’ most common blunders is not knowing the sport. Yeah, you’re betting real money, so always research and look at the statistics and performances of teams. Also, it’s crucial to get savvy with the various rugby formats, including Rugby Sevens, Rugby League, and Rugby Union.

Keep in mind that this is just advice. It’s not the strategy to win with a 100% guarantee. Always do your own research before placing a wager, and only stake money you can afford to lose. Wishing you success!

Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions

Cricket is sometimes referred to as an unpredictable game, and this can occasionally be true. When a team unexpectedly defeats your favorite team, it can be very heartbreaking, especially if money is at stake. But fear not—a careful review is the key to correctly predicting cricket match outcomes. You may make wise decisions by monitoring the data and turning it into helpful information. Here are some effective methods for predicting cricket match outcomes:

  • Check the Data
    Every cricket match will reveal patterns if you pay close attention to them. For instance, you can see a batsman who is doing well in an IPL game suddenly fail after a tactical time-out. By closely watching the game, you’ll eventually get a deeper grasp of these patterns.
  • Conditions
    The playing surface, the weather, time of day or night, and boundary lengths all play a role in more than 50% of a game’s final result. The team that can adapt to the circumstances or has a good understanding of them frequently wins.
  • The Toss
    In Test matches and, to a lesser extent, ODI games, the toss can be quite important. Nevertheless, in the past few years, chasing has turned into a team’s strength, especially in sub-continental conditions when dew makes it challenging for bowlers to defend totals. So, the side that bats last often loses in Test cricket.
  • Superstars
    Additionally to data, you need to check the key players. They can change the outcome of an event.

These are the four methods you can use to precisely predict cricket match outcomes and possibly win. So be ready to support your squad and monitor your bets!

How to Use Tips & Predictions

how-to-use-tips-predictions Betway Predictions: Get Winning Tips Now!

Knowing how to use professional advice and predictions efficiently is very different than simply having information at your fingertips and betting with your mind. It’s crucial to do your own research on the teams and players involved in the games that you’re wagering in order to maximize the odds of picks and predictions. Spend some time understanding the various factors that can affect a game’s outcome, such as the conditions, player performance, and injuries. Also, just keep in mind that you should never bet money you can’t afford to lose, and you should always bet in moderation.

Betway Jackpot Predictions

betway-jackpot-predictions Betway Predictions: Get Winning Tips Now!

The Betway Jackpot is accessible to everyone who wants to try their luck at winning a significant, life-changing amount of money. However, making accurate jackpot predictions can be challenging because there are so many factors and unknowns that could affect the outcome. As said, there are some variables you can take into account while trying to predict 8 or 12 outcomes. These could contain the research of the teams’ or players’ most recent performances and any pertinent information or rumors surrounding them. 

Naturally, no one can provide you with magical advice on how to win jackpots, so place your bets carefully and wisely.

Betway Jackpot Bonuses

Sadly, Betway does not currently provide jackpot bonuses. Anyway, the bookmaker provides plenty of options for sports fans to get involved in the betting and maybe win large, even though it may not have jackpot bonuses.


h2_faq-5 Betway Predictions: Get Winning Tips Now!

To summarize, making money from betting requires various skills, including understanding the sport, staying current with statistics and news, and being knowledgeable about the many bets offered by the Betway betting platform. Whatever the sport, having a well-researched is crucial. We provide tips to improve your chances of winning but do not guarantee your success. So, spend some time to place wise wagers, and most importantly, have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Betway account?
Go to the Betway website, click on the “Registration” button, enter the phone number, and click on “Register.”
How do I register for Betway via SMS?
You can’t register via SMS, only bet.
How do I use Betway for the first time?
To use Betway for the first time, sign in to your betting account, navigate to the sports betting section, select the event to bet on, choose your preferred betting option, and place your bet.
How do I get paid on Betway?
You can withdraw your fund using M-Pesa or Airtel Mobile Money.

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