Drake & Stake Casino: Does Drake Own a Casino?

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19 March, 2024 (UPDATE 20 June, 2024)
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Famous people also love playing at casinos, sometimes leading to winnings and long-term partnerships. This is exactly the case with Canadian rapper Drake, who is the official ambassador of Stake Casino. Let’s find out what connects the musician and the betting platform.

About Stake Casino and Its Owners

h2-—-about-stake-casino-and-its-owners Drake & Stake Casino: Does Drake Own a Casino?

Medium Rare NV owns the betting platform. The casino was founded by two partners, Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, in 2017. Since then, the Australian company has been steadily moving towards success. A unique feature of casinos and betting is the availability of exclusively cryptocurrency payments.

Currently, the platform, registered in Curaçao, operates in many countries and enjoys well-deserved success worldwide. If you want to know more official information about the bookmaker, read our article about the owner of Stake.

Drake’s Influence

h2-—-drakes-influence Drake & Stake Casino: Does Drake Own a Casino?

Drake, a hip-hop sensation, has been a longtime member of the Stake community. While conquering the heights of the VIP program, he became interested in both the gaming platform and the privileges of VIP status. This is how a partnership was formed, based on the mutual recognition of the megastar and our project.

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The collaboration between Stake and Drake aims to bring a completely new gaming experience to users of our platform. One of its forms is an interactive broadcast, where fans of the artist, and just players, will have a chance to win big with Drake.

A Brief History of His Biggest Bet

Drake is an incredibly talented man. The Canadian guy’s music, production, and business success cannot be denied: the Toronto native achieves success in almost everything he undertakes. But the saying “a talented person is talented in everything” is untrue. Drake has a weak point – he regularly loses huge amounts of money due to sports betting. The rapper is amazingly unlucky here.

At the same time, the musician does not lose heart. He continues to bet on major MMA tournaments. The musician always bets either on his friends or on athletes who are somehow pleasant to him. He apparently does not study any layouts. Only personal sympathy.

Drake’s Sports Betting and the Drake’s Curse

h2-—-drakes-sports-betting-and-the-drakes-curse Drake & Stake Casino: Does Drake Own a Casino?

If you are a fan of the Canadian rapper or a betting enthusiast, you have probably heard of Drake’s curse: if the 36-year-old artist bets on someone, they lose. There are many examples! Drake has no luck in basketball, American football, or motorsports.

Here are the rapper’s biggest losses in MMA betting:

  • $275,000 Drake lost in a fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington.
  • He bet $430,000 on Justin Gaethje’s victory, which seemed obvious. However, the fighter lost.
  • The rapper bet almost $2 million on his friend Adesanya’s victory. Needless to say, the fight ended in a sudden knockout.

Drake has not had much luck in boxing, either. For example, when the rapper bet $250,000 on the defeat of the fighter Nate Diaz, who unexpectedly won.

The curse includes not only betting but also other manifestations of Drake’s sympathy for the athlete/team. If he puts on a uniform, poses with a flag, or takes a photo with you, you are doomed. Many stars suffered from this: among them, ex-UFC champion in two divisions Conor McGregor, who, before the super fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, appeared at many events with the rapper, tennis player Serena Williams, boxer Anthony Joshua.

Of course, the rapper also has victories, so you should not take the “curse” seriously.

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Drake’s Casino Betting

h2-—-drakes-casino-betting Drake & Stake Casino: Does Drake Own a Casino?

The Canadian rapper is not limited to sports betting and enjoys playing in casinos. He gives particular preference to roulette. And here, he also plays on a grand scale.

Six Digit Spins

It is completely normal for a drake to bet a few hundred thousand in a casino. He does not get too upset about losses and makes funny comments about his defeats on air. Special attention can be paid to the fact that many viewers of the rapper’s live broadcasts are satisfied with what is happening on the screen and follow almost every stream of his.

Some people find multi-million dollar losses quite funny and somewhat carefree, but if they win, the singer often gifts symbolic amounts to his subscribers worldwide. In addition, such streams only increase the rapper’s popularity.

Drake vs. Stake

In his streams, Drake shows how he plays at the Stake Casino. Once, he won and lost about 27 million dollars in one night. During the game, Drake shared his impressions of what was happening, stating that everything was going better than ever. At one point, the rapper’s balance increased from $14,227,609 million to $27,187,609 million. However, after this, the performer’s luck continued, adding another $12 million to the total balance. True, this was not the reason for completion. The singer continued to “rule” despite the reduction in his account to $8,605,462 million, while by the end of the Twitch stream, the rapper was left with $1,879 on his balance. Thus, in a few hours, Drake beat the casino twice for $12 million and lost everything.

Why You Can Trust Stake Casino

Unlike some competitors, Stake Casino has an impeccable reputation. Users win money on the platform and easily withdraw their winnings to cryptocurrency wallets. Transaction security is at the highest level because the casino uses the latest algorithms to protect user data.

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Another significant advantage of the platform is the transparency of the rules. In the extensive help section, you will find detailed descriptions of all the nuances that increase the safety of betting and gambling.

Impact of the Drake Partnership on Stake and the Gaming Community

The Stake platform collaborates with many famous people, but the contract with Drake is perhaps the most famous and eye-catching.

Increased Visibility

The Canadian rapper has many fans whom he introduced to the Stake platform. In addition, huge bets and high-profile losses also attract attention to the bookmaker and increase its recognition.

Exclusive Promotions

Together with the casino, the rapper conducts broadcasts where viewers can win significant sums. Users receive generous gifts and access to exclusive bonuses during the live broadcast.

Community Growth

Collaborating with the Canadian singer inevitably leads to the growth of the Stake community. Some users get acquainted with the platform on streams, and others learn about it from a rapper’s interview. In any case, cooperation with Drake benefited the bookmaker.

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Despite the colossal sums that the rapper easily loses and wins again, all of Drake’s bets are completely legal. He plays on the legal Stake platform, which has all the necessary permissions to conduct betting and gambling activities.

Stake Partners Besides Drake

Of course, Drake is not the only ambassador for Stake Casino. Another famous athlete promoting this platform is Argentine ex-footballer Sergio Aguero. In 2021, the company entered into a partnership agreement with UFC fighter Israel Adesanya. Thus, the brand cooperates with representatives of different types of sports from different countries.


h2-—-conclusion Drake & Stake Casino: Does Drake Own a Casino?

The partnership between rapper Drake and Stake Casino has benefited both parties. The service received more attention and significant growth in the audience, and the singer got the opportunity to place bets on special terms. The Canadian rapper is the most famous but far from the only ambassador of the Stake platform, which actively collaborates with many stars.


Is Drake involved in Stake?
Drake is the official ambassador of Stake and conducts special broadcasts where he promotes the bookmaker’s promotions.
How much does Drake pay Stake?
The rapper does not pay for cooperation with the platform. At the same time, he regularly loses significant amounts on bets and in casinos.
Did Drake win the bet on Logan Paul?
No, this fight was a great example of the Drake curse in action. The rapper lost $850,000 on this bet.

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