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21 March, 2024 (UPDATE 18 April, 2024)
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The extreme popularity of the betting and gambling platform is beyond doubt. The service offers cryptocurrency bets on various sports and casino games. However, few people know official information about this service. In this review, we’ll fill this gap.

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About Stake Casino and Its Owners

About Stake Casino and Its Owners

The platform is an online betting site that offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for live sports betting and upcoming sporting events. Depending on the sport and live sporting event, various betting options and strategies exist for the most ambitious sports bettors. With over 100,000 sports bets placed daily, the platform is a leading betting site. In addition, you can become a VIP member of the program and receive additional bonuses.

You will find more detailed information about Stake casino owners in this article.

Where Was Stake Founded?

Where Was Stake Founded?

The Casino is owned by Medium Rare NV, which has Australian and Serbian roots. The company was initially registered in Melbourne but then received a Curacao license and registration in Cyprus. Now, the portal is known worldwide and has offices in several countries.

Where Is Stake Casino Headquarters?

Where Is Stake Casino Headquarters?

The company’s head office is registered in Curaçao at Korporaalweg 10, Willemstad, Curaçao.

The Company’s Headquarters – Contact Number and Email

On the official website, in the legal information section, the email address is Unfortunately, there are no other ways to contact the main office. Partners can write to, and for press representatives, there is a separate address,

Is There a Representative Office in Kenya and Other African Countries? 

Is There a Representative Stake Office in Kenya and Other African Countries? 

To date, the company has physical offices only in Curacao and in the UK on the Isle of Man. Despite its wide presence in African countries, the bookmaker doesn’t have offices there.


Who is the owner of Stake?
The founders and owners of the service are two people: Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani. Legally, the casino belongs to Medium Rare NV.
How many employees does Stake Casino have?
Today, the platform employs about 200 people.

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9 March, 2024 (UPDATED 17 April, 2024)
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