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9 December, 2023 (UPDATE 17 May, 2024)
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People have been betting money on various outcomes since ancient times. If you are sure that you are right and want to get a monetary reward from it – you always have the opportunity to place a bet. 

MozzartBet is where you can do it quickly, thanks to its user-friendly interface, high odds, and fast payouts.

Big Wins on MozzartBet

big-wins-on-mozzartbet MozzartBet Winners

Do you love betting, casinos, and big winnings?

Do you dream of making a big win?

Do you already know what to spend your vast winnings on?

If you answered yes – this article is for you. We will tell the stories of the luckiest or most talented players who won at MozzartBet in Kenya.

MozzartBet Jackpot Wins

MozzartBet Jackpot is a unique offer, perhaps the best in Kenya, to rip off a big chunk of cash!

Let’s look at the stories of 3 individuals who had luck smile on them and fulfill their dreams!

Win with Mozzart

Peter Gitukia

MozzartBet offers the most significant opportunity in Kenya to win a lot of money – Jackpot Daily. Every day, you have the chance to win 20 million KES!

Our hero, Peter Gitukia, became the second person in history to get the Jackpot. He correctly predicted 16/16 matches and got the money.

Peter said that he plans to use his winnings wisely. He wants to buy a house for his beloved parents for himself, buy a new car, and open his own business to do what he loves every day!

Patimo Emali

Patimo Emali’s incredible story began on Monday, November 21, 2021. He took his wife’s phone to analyze and bet 50 KES on 13 matches. Twenty-four hours later, he was already a millionaire.

The funny thing is that just a day earlier, Emali had missed the opportunity to win 16 million due to being let down by just one match!

Emails Secrets 

Emali revealed his secret: he usually looks at historical form and odds when analyzing matches. 

“For example, when a team is playing away and has odds an odd of 3, it will most likely win, and if teams gave an odd of 3:20 to draw, it will most likely end in a draw,” explained Emali.

It is always lovely when a decent, respected person gets lucky and wins a big score. Emali is a family man; he has been with his wife for 12 years. They have 2 children. They met at work. Emali had his salon, and his wife was one of his employees.

Also, our hero mentioned that he watches matches for entertainment and is an Arsenal fan!

David Ngugi

An ordinary mechanic from Kenya became the first winner of the daily jackpot and won 20 million KES.

MozzarBet Kenya’s team congratulated the winner and interviewed him. In the interview, the champion revealed that he had been trying to win for 3 years.

“I was just trying like other punters, and it was my lucky day. I have tried for over three years, and finally, lady luck smiled on me,” – Ngugi.

David Ngugi said that betting is a recreational activity for him. He does not consider gambling as his primary source of income. 

He also shared his plans for the money he has won – and said he will invest it in his new business.

Win with Mozzart

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